Outdoor Entertaining & Fall Living

Tis the Season for gathering around the fire, be it cooking, or relaxing with friends, and watching the kids roast marshmallows.    

Lawn Aeration 101

Why Aerate Your Lawn/Landscape? Healthy roots are essential to healthy plants so it stands to reason that it is essential that water and nutrients reach below the surface.    Aeration is quite simply perforating the soil to create small holes which allow the necessary nutrients to penetrate and reach the roots. Aeration is particularly helpful in:

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Soggy Lawns

Does your soggy lawn and landscape need rescued? Heavy rain, standing water and poor drainage can create havoc for your lawn and landscape.  Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for grass-killing diseases like Zoysia Patch, a type of fungus.  Once fungus sets in, it can be difficult to get rid of. However, there are

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There are many choices to fill your beds…

River Gravel and Mulch give your yard a clean look. Choose your color, your shape, your texture – for a customized look!

Winter Landscaping

Winter landscaping is another trend that gardeners have been putting more thought into. A barren dreary empty landscape is so un-imaginative.  However, during the dormant season there are some plants that can provide splashes of color still around your yard. Consider planting a silver-white Betula Apoiensus (Mount Apoi) and Cornus Sanguinea (Midwinter Fire), or Red

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Backyard Trends

  What’s new in Backyard Trends: Texture and simplistic colour palettes. Grey is the new black inside and outside the home. Greys and Creams come in a variety of soft versatile colors that make a great accent drop to your garden beds.  For texture and color consider a water feature; large colored glass; colorful mosaics;

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Seasonal Fall Tip

Are your Daylillies and Irises not blooming as much as they use to ?  Know as the “Workhorses” of the garden they do require a little TLC once in a while. When they don’t bloom as much it means they are crowded and need to be thinned out (divided).  Thin your beds either in late

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Fall Shrub Planting

Early Fall with warm days and cool nights makes shrub planting the perfect time. It gives the shrubs time to spread their roots before their winter nap and then they will bring color to your yard in early spring through next fall. Here are a few to consider: Knockout Roses plant them in a spot

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Mailbox Gardens

Reach for the sky with vines.  Mailbox posts are perfect for Clematis or Trumpet vines.  A variety of no-fuss perennials like salvia, lavender or ornamental grasses (Mexican Feathergrass for color all 4-seasons).  Other varieties to hold up with summer heat Sedum, Poppy, Iris, Rosemary, Coreopsis, Petunias and Verbena.  Mix in annuals to change out seasonally

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Vegetable Gardens

Did you not get your vegetable garden planted ?  Or, are you not finished enjoying having fresh vegetables for your table ?  Well it’s not too late to plant they are plenty of vegetables that mature in 30-days or 60 – days and a few that are grown in 4-8weeks.  Late summer and early fall

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