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Create Paradise with a Pond

We all love to relax to the sound of flowing water. Be it a waterfall or a babbling brook, you can create your own version from inexpensive self-contained system or portable fountain to a high-end water wall whatever fits your area and budget.

Small Garden Ideas to Catch the Eye

An island garden makes a great focal point in a small yard.  Use large containers and ornaments with bold bright colors.  An island is viewed from all angles so plant tall, full plants in the center, to inspire a feeling of abundance. Even if you have no yard at all you can still create an

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Feeling Zen

Zen Gardens, also known as Japanese Rock Gardens, inspired by Chinese Culture became popular in Japan. They should reflect a place of peace and calmness, a place to de-stress and relax; and reflecting the simplicity of life. A Zen Garden should have more than just one meaning to the viewer. They consist of natural elements

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What is a Pergola?

Pergolas are similar to arbors but larger wooden, or vinyl structures that provide a light, airy inviting space to define an outdoor room for socializing, dining, or just to relax.  They are free standing structures with no walls, and cross rafters for its ceiling/roof. However they may be attached to your home to create an

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What’s Your Garden’s Favorite Rock? Sandstone, of course!   Highlight your garden or lead your guests through your hillside out to your fire pit or up onto your patio, creating a clean classic Greek or Roman garden appeal. It’s up to your imagination, or our design can make suggestions for you, the options are endless.

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Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 17th! Need some ideas?  How about creating a Firepit or BBQ / Grilling Haven for Dad? Call Contemporary Landscape Design for a consultation on all your outdoor projects.

Why settle for a grill when you can entertain with a fully functional Outdoor Kitchen?

This can as simple as enclosing a grill or including seating, patio, fire features, and much more. There are several options including pre-fav, natural stone, or a complete custom design. Be sure to consider portability, functionality, and upkeep in your decision.

Elemental Entertaining

Be it the crackle of fire or the lull of moving water, adding these elements to your outdoor living space is a fantastic addition. There are a variety of options from fire pits (gas, wood, propane) to bubblers, fountains, or even waterfalls. Create the perfect relaxing focal point for your needs.

Is your Landscape looking sparse?

Bring it back to live with new trees, shrubs, gravel or mulch. If you want to make an even bigger impact, consider a custom retaining wall, water feature or fire pit. With over 30 years design experience we can help you create your very own backyard paradise. From a small Meditation Garden to an Outdoor

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Outdoor Living/Dining Continue to be a HUGE trend for 2018.

Consider placing outdoor dining areas, fire pits and water features near pools and other recreational areas for all around enjoyment.   Enhance your Outdoor Living Space with in ground or container plants and don’t forget to incorporate lighting, flooring and furniture into your landscape design.