Hold Your Ground!

Hold Your Ground!

Prevent erosion in your Newburgh, IN yard

You want to beautify your Newburgh, IN yard with flowers and plants, but you don’t know if they’ll survive on your sloping property. The wind and rain could erode the topsoil and make life difficult for your ground cover.

Contemporary Landscape Design has a solution for you. We can build retaining walls, cofferdams and bulkheads to hold back soil and water on your property. We can help you bring your vision for the perfect landscape to life by keeping soil and water in their proper places.

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3 signs you need a retaining wall on your property

Not only can retaining walls add a new dimension of beauty to your yard, they also serve many practical purposes. Here are a few reasons you may need to install a retaining wall on your property:

  1. The slope of your land is too extreme

  2. Your property is prone to downhill erosion

  3. Your property frequently experiences flooding

You can count on Contemporary Landscape Design to design and install your retaining wall.