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Patio and Sod
We had Contemporary Landscape Design install a new patio. The elevated patio was done with "Stonemakers" design. It looks like a natural stone wall was erected, but was done with concrete. It looks very realistic and we are extremely happy it. The flat part of the patio was done in a textured concrete with color and shading added. Again, we are extremely happy with it. We decided to add sod to our backyard. The backyard was torn up in places due to the construction, but it was in pretty sad shape to begin with. The sod has transformed the backyard to look wonderful. The communication we received from the company was for the most part good. The installation of the sod was not communicated as I would have liked, but, all in all, we are very happy with the service, friendliness, and quality of work that we received.

Kevin H. - 2 months ago

5 Stars

Delighted to you and your team for wonderful job!

I was very happy with the service provided to me by Contemporary Landscape. The gentlemen working at my home were very positive, dedicated and very talented in working with water features. If all services worked as you and your team, our world would be happier.

Donna P. - 2 months ago

5 Stars

Very professional and knowledgeable company.

We are extremely happy with our new landscaping by Contemporary Landscape Design. It was exactly what we wanted and was done in a timely manner by knowledgeable landscapers. We definitely recommend this company!

Jennifer M. - 3 months ago

5 Stars

A Very Happy Customer!

I contracted with Contemporary Landscape Design to build a "Stonemaker" concrete sidewalk connecting my front driveway to a rear patio. Also, they were to alleviate a drainage issue by trenching and installing perforated drain pipe in my back yard. The projects took about 1.5 days to complete the sidewalk and 1.5 days to complete the trenching/installing of the drain pipe. After the pipe was installed, the team ensured that the excavated area’s surface was smooth, properly graded, and reseeded. Contemporary used a relatively small crew, I believe only 5 guys were involved in my projects. The team took time to clean up at the end of each day’s work. Jeff, Mike and all of the team members were courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. Mike, designer/manager, was especially helpful… answering my questions and providing valuable input for me to consider. The “stonemaker” technique is a different form of concrete preparation and the finished product looks exactly like natural stone. I love the completed project and have received several compliments from neighbors. I highly recommend Contemporary Landscape Design.

Randy A. - 4 months ago

5 Stars