Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

We’ll bring them to you in Newburgh, IN

When you walk into an expertly designed garden you’ll notice how the different colors and shapes of the plants work in harmony with the meticulous hardscaping. What really catches your attention, however, is calming sound of rushing water.

Such a garden could be yours with the help of Contemporary Landscape Design. We can design and install a waterfall in your Newburgh, IN yard using Stonemakers products. Impress your guests and let your mind wander in the serenity of your own garden.

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3 reasons to install a waterfall on your property

Waterfalls aren't reserved for the gardens of royalty or the very rich. You can have one in your yard, too. Here are a few great reasons to bring a waterfall to your property:

  1. Bring the calming sounds of water to your garden

  2. Boost your home’s property value

  3. Add a new dimension of beauty to your yard

Discuss your vision with Contemporary Landscape Design to turn your yard into an oasis.