Easy Care/Hardy Plants

Does you schedule leave you minimal time for your garden?
Consider using these easy care / hardy plants: Peonies, Daylilies, Iris, and Daisies:
All are fragrant and may be planted in Full Sun to Light Afternoon Shade. Fertilize in the Spring and divide in the Fall to early spring, if desired.


  • Ribbon Grass, Liriope, and Firewitch Dianthus: May plant in Full Sun to partial shade. Note they can be aggressive in moist areas.
  • Ribbon Grass spikes a white flower in summer. Prune to ground in late winter.
  • Liriope has lavender like shoots.
  • Firewitch resembles a small carnation and should be cut back after blooming for re-bloom.


  • Hosta will hold up all year until the first frost and come in a variety of shades. Plant in Full shade to very light sun.