How to make a gloomy shaded yard appear sunny & bright



Shade can make a yard feel gloomy, however with the right varieties of colors, textures and foliage your shady garden becomes an illusion of sun dappling in; stylish and exquisite.  One of a gardener’s old tricks is using variegated plants with yellow, chartreuse and white colors, Hostas are the perfect definition. Others are Sweet Flag and Liriope grass like plants and Dwarf English Ivy. Then add some bright color plants like Carpet Bugle, Astilbe, Christmas Rose, Spotted Deadnettle, Siberian Bulgoss and Bleeding Hearts.

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So, take your cue from nature its-self look into the forest and find the beautiful plant life that lives there.  Make sure your soil is slightly acidic and your shade tree problems are solved with beautiful vibrant plants.