Are the dogs claiming your landscaping?

To maintain an attractive yard and your pet’s outdoor needs you have to take ownership of both and recognize that allowing your dog to run the property will require some compromises and adjustments to maintaining your landscaping.  OR, adjust your dogs to the landscape.  To hold up better against foot track, paw traffic and other forms of abuse to your lawn switch to Bermuda or Fescue grasses. However, as tough as these two grasses are they still will not stand up to “dog spots” or “puppy spots” those unsightly burn spots / yellow stains.  There is one type of green carpet that will solve the urine spot issue “Clover”.  Clover will withstand the dog spot and not stain.  Otherwise watch your dog and when you see him urinate grab your garden hose, douse the spot with water in order to dilute the harmful elements and keep it from burning.

But what about your beautiful flowers and small trees and shrubs ?  Well you could put fencing / cages (chicken wire) around all your flower beds, trees and shrubs to keep your pets at bay.  Or you could use fencing to create a designated area where Fido can be allowed to roam.  A fenced in yard has one other doggie made design that can be unsightly.  Dogs pace the fence line creating a dirt path, so create a stone pathway to cover it; keeping Fido happy and his claws getting a little trimming while he guards his domain.  The last option is to training your dog(s) to a designated area of the yard you have hardscaped for them.  The surface area in their “potty space” should consist only of dirt, gravel mulch, brick, concrete, or flagstone for low-maintenance and easy clean up.