How to Attract Hummingbirds & Butterflies

Choose long-blooming colorful perennials for you yard and get a two-for !

You can attract all types of wild birds into you yard with colorful berry producing plants.

Robins like the orangeier berry of the Mountain Ash Tree and are partial to Hollies as are the Red Bird.  As a bonus Hummingbirds are drawn to colorful flowers that are reds, purple, fuchsia, pink, yellow and white. Try some: Beebalm; Red Columbine; Delphinium; Hollyhocks; Catawba Rhododendron; Rose of Sharon; and Magnifica (Trumpet) Honeysuckle. The Buddleja Davidii aka Butterfly Bush will attract its namesake, as will the Lantana plant and the Silk (Mimosa) Tree; and they attract Hummingbirds too. Be aware The Butterfly Bush needs pruning it can grow 6-12 ft tall and spread 4-15ft.