Anyone Can Compost – Part I

The greatest Pro to composting’s is anyone can do it. Keep it simple by building it with repurposed items from home from scrap wood or old garbage cans.

Start composting with basic food scraps fruit and vegetable waste, egg shells, leftover pasta or rice, coffee grounds and teabags, nut shells and bread. Then add grass clippings, leaves, weeds, vacuum and dryer lint and cardboard rolls to compost piles. The bacteria and other microbes responsible for decomposition do the work. Remember to mix your Compost Waste items in. Keep the balance when green material goes in add some brown as well turning it in to create air pockets. Use the final product to amend and enrich soil. Keep the heat with coffee grounds sustained heat kills pathogens and weed seed.  Specialist have found that coffee grounds are more effective at maintaining high core temp ranges of 135 to 155 F, as well as providing a convenient and effective nitrogen source. Do not add meats, fish or dairy to your compost they tend to attract pests, like raccoons, mice/rats and dogs/cats.

Your product is finished when it appears like dark crumbly soil and smells like fresh earth.

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