Pond Care Management – Part I:

Pond care’s new standard requires a balancing act between Proactive and Reactive methods. Simply put, Reactive Pond Care is wait for the problem then fix it, like muck; weed growth or algae boom and react to it with chemicals (algaecide or herbicides). This equals short term solutions, fixing the problem but not the cause. Proactive Pond Care: utilizes the natural bacteria; the nutrient load; aeration and limit sun exposure.

  • Aeration systems: waterfalls or fountains sized to provide increased circulation (oxygen) into the ponds ecosystem. This will improve the water quality and the habitat for fish and plants.
  • Keeping your filters and filter pads clean, spray them off with a garden hose rather than scrubbing with soap or a harsh abrasive. Biological media only needs to be cleaned once or twice a week, so you don’t wash away the beneficial bacteria.
  • Limits of excessive sun exposure.

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