Pond Care Management – Part II:

Filtration Options:

With Water Features proper maintenance care is a must for a continuous and peaceful lifetime of pleasure. You have two to choose from: mechanical or biological filters.  Mechanical filters remove debris like algae pads/mats and leaves / trigs and such.  Biological filters provide a place for beneficial bacteria to colonize and remove nutrients.  Skimmer Boxes if you have a high volume pump, they can filter up to 10, 000 gallons and have a large debris net. Place your skimmer box across from your waterfall or discharge so that you pond get optimal circulation. Or, choose a Mini Waterfall Filter Box which houses two filter pads and bio balls these maintain a smooth sheet like service and a ribbed pattern.  Whether you are upgrading, or starting fresh with a new pond, properly sized filtration systems are a necessity to maintain water quality and to keep your feature looking healthy and beautiful.

pond outdoor living maintenance