Winter Landscaping

Winter landscaping is another trend that gardeners have been putting more thought into. A barren dreary empty landscape is so un-imaginative.  However, during the dormant season there are some plants that can provide splashes of color still around your yard.

Consider planting a silver-white Betula Apoiensus (Mount Apoi) and Cornus Sanguinea (Midwinter Fire), or Red Osier, for some shine. Also, Abies Nordmanniana (Golden Spreader); Erica Carnea (Vivillii and/or Springwood White).  Look into trees or shrubs that have a peeling or colorful bark aspect to them. And Evergreens that change color with the season.  Likewise, some of your early blooming flowers will bloom again in late fall to early winter.

winter landscaping retaining wall