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Adding a Water Feature

Hardscape Water Features find serenity with our StoneMaker sculptures that look like the real thing but are actually sculpted concrete that lasts a lifetime.  We have a beautiful picture book for you to browse through. Or talk with our designer to get ideas to fit your yard and style. Water features can add to your

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Pond Care Management – Part II:

Filtration Options: With Water Features proper maintenance care is a must for a continuous and peaceful lifetime of pleasure. You have two to choose from: mechanical or biological filters.  Mechanical filters remove debris like algae pads/mats and leaves / trigs and such.  Biological filters provide a place for beneficial bacteria to colonize and remove nutrients. 

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Pond Care Management – Part I:

Pond care’s new standard requires a balancing act between Proactive and Reactive methods. Simply put, Reactive Pond Care is wait for the problem then fix it, like muck; weed growth or algae boom and react to it with chemicals (algaecide or herbicides). This equals short term solutions, fixing the problem but not the cause. Proactive

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Create Paradise with a Pond

We all love to relax to the sound of flowing water. Be it a waterfall or a babbling brook, you can create your own version from inexpensive self-contained system or portable fountain to a high-end water wall whatever fits your area and budget.

How to Attract Hummingbirds & Butterflies

Choose long-blooming colorful perennials for you yard and get a two-for ! You can attract all types of wild birds into you yard with colorful berry producing plants. Robins like the orangeier berry of the Mountain Ash Tree and are partial to Hollies as are the Red Bird.  As a bonus Hummingbirds are drawn to

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Planting for Privacy

Instead of building a privacy fence, or a chain linked fence, why not create a living fence?  First check your municipal ordinances for height limitations, however typically property-line planting is not restricted. To define your backyard with a fence-line, or walls for your outdoor living space, start with fast growing evergreens like Arborvitae or Italian

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Make your gardens whimsical with trellises from repurposed items

Kids like to climb and so do our plants, so get creative with them. You can repurpose household item or go with the basic cedar wood framed lattice, anything is possible with imagination: Baby crib rails, old screen doors, old box springs, headboards, chairs the items are endless… we did a google search using “DIY

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How to make a gloomy shaded yard appear sunny & bright

  Shade can make a yard feel gloomy, however with the right varieties of colors, textures and foliage your shady garden becomes an illusion of sun dappling in; stylish and exquisite.  One of a gardener’s old tricks is using variegated plants with yellow, chartreuse and white colors, Hostas are the perfect definition. Others are Sweet

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Do you know your yards ideal mowing height?

Certain types of grasses have specific height requirements. If you maintain your lawns ideal height, it will reward you with a healthy, lush turf that will fend off weeds, drought and disease.  The myth of “…the short the grass, the less you’ll have to mow…” is the foundation to a problematic lawn. Mow you grass

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Feeling Zen

Zen Gardens, also known as Japanese Rock Gardens, inspired by Chinese Culture became popular in Japan. They should reflect a place of peace and calmness, a place to de-stress and relax; and reflecting the simplicity of life. A Zen Garden should have more than just one meaning to the viewer. They consist of natural elements

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