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Does your Landscape need a make-over?

To make a big impact, consider an outdoor fireplace or fire pit; custom retaining or setting wall(s), or start planning for your garden water feature.   With over 30 years design experience we can help you create your very own backyard paradise.  From a small Meditation Garden to an Outdoor Kitchen, we can customize your space

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Colorful Landscapes

Not enough color in your landscape?  Consider adding these pops of reds, yellows and whites to compliment your existing landscape for the fall and winter months.

StoneMakers Dealer

Contemporary Landscape design is the exclusive StoneMakers Dealer in the greater Evansville area.  StoneMakers is the latest attractive yet cost effective alternative to natural stone, block and veneer. StoneMakers embodies an elegance born of an earlier time, while taking advantage of the high performance, low maintenance and long life offered by its proprietary trade secreted

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Outdoor Entertaining & Fall Living

Tis the Season for gathering around the fire, be it cooking, or relaxing with friends, and watching the kids roast marshmallows.    

Backyard Trends

  What’s new in Backyard Trends: Texture and simplistic colour palettes. Grey is the new black inside and outside the home. Greys and Creams come in a variety of soft versatile colors that make a great accent drop to your garden beds.  For texture and color consider a water feature; large colored glass; colorful mosaics;

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Pond Care Management – Part II:

Filtration Options: With Water Features proper maintenance care is a must for a continuous and peaceful lifetime of pleasure. You have two to choose from: mechanical or biological filters.  Mechanical filters remove debris like algae pads/mats and leaves / trigs and such.  Biological filters provide a place for beneficial bacteria to colonize and remove nutrients. 

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Pond Care Management – Part I:

Pond care’s new standard requires a balancing act between Proactive and Reactive methods. Simply put, Reactive Pond Care is wait for the problem then fix it, like muck; weed growth or algae boom and react to it with chemicals (algaecide or herbicides). This equals short term solutions, fixing the problem but not the cause. Proactive

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Create Paradise with a Pond

We all love to relax to the sound of flowing water. Be it a waterfall or a babbling brook, you can create your own version from inexpensive self-contained system or portable fountain to a high-end water wall whatever fits your area and budget.

Small Garden Ideas to Catch the Eye

An island garden makes a great focal point in a small yard.  Use large containers and ornaments with bold bright colors.  An island is viewed from all angles so plant tall, full plants in the center, to inspire a feeling of abundance. Even if you have no yard at all you can still create an

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Feeling Zen

Zen Gardens, also known as Japanese Rock Gardens, inspired by Chinese Culture became popular in Japan. They should reflect a place of peace and calmness, a place to de-stress and relax; and reflecting the simplicity of life. A Zen Garden should have more than just one meaning to the viewer. They consist of natural elements

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