Late Summer Vegetable Garden

Crops that will mature in 60-days good for mid-August or early-September Planting: Turnips (are easy to grow), Leeks, Early Carrots, Kohlrabi (takes 6-wks to mature), Swiss Chard, Collards (actually they taste best after frost exposure), Winter Cauliflower (very tolerant of cold weather), Early Cabbage.

Crops that will mature in 30-days and can be planted as late as mid-September: Radishes (quickest, maturing in 4-wks), Green Onions (will survive winter if not harvested), Broccoli, Leaf Lettuce (loves cool weather), Spinach.
A few others that like and mature in cooler weather are: Beets (soak seeds overnight for quicker germination before planting), Green Beans (fast producers), Brussel Sprouts (hold up well during early frosts), Parsnips (harvest after frost the flavor improves), Peas (choose a short season variety they’ll grow well in cool weather) and Celeriac (taste great but not the most attractive veggie).

Enjoy your Bounty in the Fall!