Seasonal Tips

Seasonal Tips

Spring Needs in Evansville

Spring is a great time to plant shrubbery, trees, perennials. Spring planting will lower watering times due to milder temperatures and Spring rains.

This is also the perfect time for new seeding. Spring is the perfect time to seed your lawn. This will allow the seed to take root and establish healthy growth before the weather turns hot and dry. Again minimizing the need to water.

February through March is the best time for pre-emergent and herbicide treatments in your existing landscape. This will keep weeds down before they germinate, minimizing the need to weed your beds later.

Mulching around your plants is beneficial as it will hold in moisture and help restrict weed growth

Slow release fertilization is the best option for the overall health of your plants. We recommend that you avoid Urea based, quick fertilizers that can burn your plants.