StoneMakers has been developing unique method that mimics real stone with the use of concrete for over 25 years. Building a traditional stone wall may take several weeks to complete and can cost a fortune depending on the size and length of the wall. The StoneMakers process includes adding a compound to concrete and gives them the ability to mold it as if it were clay.

A revolutionary way of working with concrete which is...

  • Affordable
  • Structurally Sound
  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Homes should be sanctuaries and there is a unique kind of peace that is created when your surrounding perfectly complements your home - Hardscapes can calm you, inspire you, welcome you. A beautifully planned landscape with hardscape features increases the value and adds vibrance, warmth, and charm.

Each of StoneMakers' licensed dealers have been trained and certified to install all custom applications. StoneMakers Dealers are supported by the entire international network and are committed to making your hardscape vision a reality. They have set new standards for exterior home improvement design ideas and innovation. Visit the StoneMakers website to learn more about hardscape design and see for yourself.